The story of Funky Fish....

In 2004, as a brand new Christian, Funky Fish was born.  I've always had a love for jewelry since I was a child.  When I was 18, I discovered the art of jewelry making.  Over the years I enjoyed making gifts for friends and even dabbling in some craft fairs.  In 2003, shortly after coming to faith, I was wearing this necklace but the pendant was a sun.  A sweet friend at church said "if you made a necklace like that with a cross...I would buy it."  The wheels began to spin.  On March 24th, 2004 (my birthday), my Mom gave me a $200 investment to start Funky Fish.  My business was born.
It wasn't until May of 2009 that I really began to see what God would have me do with the gift He had given me.  He wanted me to give back.  It started with making jewelry for causes...cancer awareness, autism awareness, etc.  Then I found out about a village in Zeway, Ethiopia.  I asked God if there was anything I could do with the hands he had given me to help the sweet orphans in Zeway.  Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to paper beads by my friends mom.  The wheels started to spin.  I envisioned a necklace with paper beads and a pendant with Africa on it.
In November 2009, I sat down with friend and we played with these beads.  We priced the items to meet "needs" bracelet would feed a child for a month, a necklace would feed, clothe, house & educate a child for a month.  The first necklace sold on December 31st, 2009 and I was beyond thrilled.  We scheduled beading days.  We joked and said we would "bead till we bleed" for these orphans.  We fantasized about how if we made and sold 50 bracelets a week, we could sell $25,000 worth of jewelry in one year.  We were dreaming big.
Well guess what?  God sold $25,565 worth of "Tesfa" jewelry that year!!!  AND, over $17,000 was donated to the Hope in Ethiopia Partnership  There are no words to describe this journey God has allowed Funky Fish to be on.
There are few joys in this life greater than giving.  He gave me these hands and as long as He will allow me to use them, I will continue to give.  In addition to Funky Fish, I am on staff with Converge|2:8, our Uganda based ministry.  Another ministry I support is the Women of Destiny and we use their beautiful beads in many of our creations.  Since the adoption of our son Joseph from Uganda, I have become passionate about helping other families bring home their children.  We also use the profits from Funky Fish to support adoptive families.
Since 2004, one thing has remained hearts desire was that Funky Fish be more of a ministry than a business.  That our jewelry be a witnessing tool which sparks conversations that would lead to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 25:40 says: The King will reply, ?Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.?  It is our hope and prayer that any jewelry we create will cause people to stop and think "God, what can I do for the least of these?"

To God be the glory.....ALWAYS.

Dawn Patterson is the owner and founder of Funky Fish.  She has been married to the love of her life John since 1996.  Together they have 4 children...3 through birth and one through the gift of adoption ages 7 to 15.  Their Ugandan son joined their family in 2012. 

In addition to  her family and jewelry making, her heart is for working with HIV+ mothers and orphans.  She and her husband serve together in Uganda with Converge|2:8.  Dawn is a lover of Jesus, all things lime green, the beautiful country of Uganda and really good coffee.

Sarah Jackson started with Funky Fish in February 2013.  Sarah is Funky Fish's "everything gal".  She helps keep Dawn's head on straight and is a complete blessing to Funky Fish.

Sarah has been married to her husband Garrett since 2002 and is mama to 3 adorable boys.  Trained as a social worker, Sarah's heart has always been to help others in need.  Her work at Funky Fish is a great blend of her creative and professional skills as it has opened her heart to the HIV+ mamas and children in Uganda.  Sarah loves traveling, college football and a good historical novel with a cup of hot tea.