The Orphan Bead Project

Have you ever heard the term "orphan bead"?  When beaders, like myself, use up all the beads in a set except becomes an orphan bead.  Most of us will toss the little bead in a bowl and set it aside until the bowl becomes full and then we wonder "what do we do with all these beads"?

Irony.  I can safely say that the term "orphan bead" means something entirely different to me than it did 7 years ago when I started Funky Fish.

I have an idea.  Do you know anyone who beads?  Do you bead?  Are you best friends with someone who owns a bead store?  Do you just like to shop, collect beads and stick them in a cabinet never to be used?  If it is God's will, I will be returning to Zeway this year.  Last July I did jewelry making training with the most beautiful girls and they LOVED the orphan beads.  They enjoyed those more than any other beads I brought.

Recently, Steffany Boster from Because Every Mother Matters did a post about our Orphan Bead Project and we got 4 shipments of beads!!!!  Wow.  Thank you so much Steffany ♥.  We love you.

Would you consider donating your orphan beads to this cause?

If you would like to donate some beads, please send them to:

Dawn Patterson

110 Lost Pine St

Elgin, TX  78621


Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart!


The picture on the left is Eden & Genet modeling their beautiful creations they learned how to make at our jewelry making training when we visited in July.  The bracelet on the right is one of the Orphan bead creations made by Keneni (pictured below).